House Rules


Okay, here are the laws of the land.  You may make a comment using an alias.  That will be perfectly fine with us here.  If you want to contribute to the Talk Back section, then you must use your real name with a verifiable email address.  Be advised that IP addresses are logged, so please do not ever try to make a comment or write something and use the identity of someone else.  That is unethical and it is unlawful.  We are not fans of either.  Remember, this is a website with information.  We value your input, but we will not tolerate trolls.  So here are the few things you need to be aware of:

1.  Do not resort to name calling and profanity.  That will not help you prove your point and it will not be tolerated.

2.  Don’t refer to someone who disagrees with you or has a different opinion, as a hater.  The term “hater” will get you a long vacation around here.

3.  Be polite in your comments and conversation, and if you must disagree, do so with some dignity and respect.

4.  Do not spam and be a link hound.  Do not bring your “my sister makes a million dollars a day” crap here.  It won’t fly.

5.  If you have something to share that you feel is newsworthy, please share it.  That will always be appreciated.  If you do so, please do not publish names, addresses, phone numbers or any personal information.  Not only will that get you banned, it will get you a visit from your local men in blue.

6.  We don’t deal with rumors.  If you have documentation/proof, lay it out there.  If not, don’t bother.

7.  Have a nice day.